Pharmacy Technician Insurance

Pharmacy Technician InsuranceThe expanding role of Pharmacy Technicians has led to increased responsibilities. Pharmacies and Pharmacists have come to rely so heavily on Pharmacy Technicians that the Bureau of Labor statistics reports the employment of Pharmacy Technicians is expected to increase by 32 percent in the next ten years, much faster than the average for all occupations.

With the increased responsibilities comes the increased risk of being named in a lawsuit if something goes wrong.

The cost of having a claim made against you is both financially and emotionally devastating.

Your employer’s insurance, which is in place to protect your employer, may not protect you if you are named in a lawsuit.

Having your own Pharmacy Technician Liability Insurance provides you with a team of experts, who work for you, to safeguard your livelihood and minimize the stress that accompanies a lawsuit.

The Bill Beatty Insurance Agency

The Bill Beatty Insurance Agency has been serving the healthcare community since 1962.

We have been active in providing awards and scholarships to enhance the careers of healthcare students and professionals.

Our knowledgable staff can help you find Pharmacy Technician Liability Insurance the fits your needs and your budget.


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