Pharmacist Liability Insurance

Pharmacist Liability Insurance

Why Pharmacists Need Professional Liability Insurance

These days, many people ask for more counseling from their pharmacists than they do from their physicians. This is due, in part, to the fact that they may see their pharmacists more often, but also because pharmacists are more accessible and often more visible.

When a pharmacist is sued because of an error, or even a perceived error, the cost can be great. Even if you are insured by your employer, insurance for employees does not always cover the extensive legal fees that can accrue as a result of a claim against you.

How Pharmacist Liability Insurance Can Help

A claim made against you, even if it is unfounded, can be disruptive to both your work and your personal life.

Having Pharmacist Liability Insurance in place means that you have a team of experts to work on your behalf so that you can mitigate the financial damages and distress that accompany a lawsuit.

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Pharmacist Liability Insurance
Pharmacist Individual Professional Liability Insurance