Paramedics / EMT’s / Ambulance Services

EMT / Paramedic Malpractice Insurance It doesn’t get much tougher than a day in the life of an EMT/Paramedic. Being named in a lawsuit can only make it tougher.

EMT / Paramedic Malpractice Insurance can help ease some of the stress that accompanies the high cost of litigation.

Even if the charges against you are without merit, they have to be addressed. EMT/Paramedic Malpractice Insurance can help, by providing you with a team of experts, who work for you, to safeguard your livelihood, your certification and your personal life.

Your employer’s insurance may not be enough to protect you if a claim is made against you. Your employer’s insurance is in place to protect your employer.

Your own EMT/Paramedic Malpractice Insurance focuses on you and your needs.

The Bill Beatty Insurance Agency

The Bill Beatty Insurance Agency has been working with healthcare professionals since 1962.

We serve the community by providing awards and scholarships to deserving healthcare students and professionals.

Our goal is to help you find the best, most affordable EMT/Paramedic Malpractice Insurance.

Our knowledgable staff can give you more information and answer your questions.


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