Occupational Therapist Insurance

Occupational Therapist InsuranceIt’s hard to imagine a patient suing an Occupational Therapist, but it does happen.

Some of the claims made against Occupational Therapists include:

  • Improper treatment
  • Injury or Re-injury during treatment
  • Falls
  • Burns from hot or cold pack
  • Sexual misconduct

Even if the claim against you has no merit, the cost of having to defend yourself from a lawsuit is high.

Your employer’s insurance may not be enough to protect you if a claim is made against you. Your employer’s insurance is in place to protect the interests of your employer.

Occupational Therapist Malpractice Insurance is like having a safety net. It provides you with a team of experts, who work on your behalf, to make sure that your license and your livelihood are protected.

A malpractice lawsuit can take from two months to two years to resolve. Being able to minimize the stress, at work and at home, is what Malpractice Insurance offers.

The Bill Beatty Insurance Agency

The Bill Beatty Insurance Agency has been working with healthcare professionals since 1962.

We serve our health care community by providing awards and scholarships to advance the careers of students and professionals.

Our knowledgable staff can give you more information and answer your questions about Occupational Therapist Malpractice Insurance.


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