Medical Directors

Medical Director Malpractice InsuranceBecause of the varied roles and responsibilities that Medical Directors perform, they are at risk for being named in a lawsuit.

Even if the charges against you are without merit, a lawsuit is costly and emotionally draining. Most cases take from two months to two or more years to resolve.

Dubbed “end-run lawsuits,” Medical Directors can be sued for “administrative negligence,” even if the Medical Director was not directly involved in patient care. The claims that have been made site a Medical Director’s failure to review, develop or refine a policy or procedure that may, or may not have, affected the outcome of the case.

Most physicians say they were surprised when they found out that they were being sued. “End-run” lawsuits can be the most surprising, and devastating, of all.

Whether you work for a hospital, clinic or have your own practice, the malpractice insurance that covers the workplace may not be enough to protect you if a claim is made against you.

Your Medical Director Malpractice Insurance provides you with a team of experts who work on your behalf, so that you can continue to take care of your professional and personal life, with as little disruption as possible.

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