Enterostomal Therapists

Enterostomal Therapist Malpractice InsuranceEnterostomal Therapists are not only technically skilled, but have to be critical and creative thinkers because of the complex patients and diverse diagnoses they deal with on a daily basis. All this, plus increased responsibilities, has led to a greater risk of being named in a lawsuit, and greater need for Malpractice Insurance.

Your employers insurance is in place to protect your employer, and may not protect you if a claim is made against you.

A lawsuit can be costly, both financially and emotionally. Even if it is without merit, a lawsuit can take from two months to two years or more to resolve.

Having Enterostomal Therapist Malpractice Insurance in place provides you with a skilled team, who work to protect your license and your livelihood. They handle the details, so that you can continue with your work and your personal life with a minimum amount of stress and disruption.

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Enterostomal Therapy Nurse Job Description
Doughty D. Role of the enterostomal therapy nurse in ostomy patient rehabilitation