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Nutrition Counselors Malpractice Insurance

Dietitian and Nutrition Counselors Malpractice Insurance Can Protect Your Livelihood

The increase of expertise, responsibility, as well as the increased number of Dietitians and Nutrition Counselors who practice independently, has increased the risk for Dietitians and Nutrition Counselors of being named in a malpractice suit.

Even those Dietitians and Nutrition Counselors who work under an employer may not be protected if a lawsuit is brought against them.

Your employer’s insurance may not cover you if a claim is made against you. Employer’s insurance is meant to protect the employer.
The high cost of litigation, even if the charges against you are unfounded, can be both financially and emotionally draining.

How Dietitian and Nutrition Counselor Malpractice Insurance Can Help

A Dietitian or Nutrition Counselor Malpractice policy provides you with a team of experts, who work on your behalf, to protect your license, your business and your livelihood. They do the work, so that you can go on with your professional and personal life, with a minimum of disruption.

Litigation can take anywhere from two months to two years or more to resolve, whether the case has any merit or not. Knowing that a skilled team is working on your behalf can minimize the stress that comes with being named in a lawsuit.

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