Dental Malpractice

Dental Professional Liability Insurance

Dental Professional Liability Insurance

Bill Beatty Insurance has been helping medical professionals find the coverage that is right for them since 1962.

In the last fifty years, we have seen the number of malpractice suits increase, despite dentists wanting to give their patients the best care possible.

Even with much public education about the necessity of dental health for good overall health, increasing numbers of patients defer care, or use the Emergency Room instead of the dental office, which has resulted in dentists seeing more complex patients and more patients who are not compliant with follow-up care.

Patients who have unrealistic expectations or who blame a past provider for a current problem, can become litigious.

Dealing with a lawsuit, even if it has no merit, can take months, sometimes years, to resolve. Although most litigation is resolved favorably for the dental professional, the stress of litigation can take its toll on both a dentist’s personal and professional life.

Good documentation, communication and follow-up is an important part of any good dental practice, and so is having the support of experts to deal with the legal process, if a malpractice suit is initiated. If faced with litigation, it’s important to have a skilled team to take care of the legal work, while you continue to care for patients and keep your dental practice running smoothly.

General Liability does not cover Professional Liability. At Bill Beatty, our job is to make sure you get the coverage you need. Please contact us for more information.