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Athletic Trainer Malpractice Insurance

Having Athletic Trainer Malpractice Insurance is Like Having an Essential Piece of Equipment

The roles of Athletic Trainers are as varied as Athletic Trainers themselves. Whether you work in a clinic, school, club, hospital or for a team, there’s always chance of a client being injured.

If a claim is brought against you, your employer’s insurance may not be enough to protect you from the damages a lawsuit can bring.

Your employer’s insurance is in place to protect your employer.

You worked hard for your certification. One lawsuit, even if it is unfounded, can be financially and emotionally draining.

Athletic Trainer Malpractice Insurance provides you with a team of experts who work for you, to protect your livelihood, if a claim is made against you.

Just like having an essential piece of equipment ready when you need it, Athletic Trainer Malpractice Insurance is ready when you need it.

The Bill Beatty Insurance Agency

The Bill Beatty Insurance Agency has been helping medical and business professionals since 1962.

We have a long history of supporting students and professionals in healthcare through scholarships and awards.

Our excellent staff can help you find Athletic Trainer Malpractice Insurance that meets your needs and fits your budget.


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