Art, Dance and Music Therapist Insurance

Art, Dance and Music Therapist Insurance

Malpractice Insurance to Protect Your Livelihood

Art, Dance and Music Therapists are some of the most caring professionals working in the healthcare. They develop strong bonds with clients, so are often astounded when they are named in a lawsuit.

Your employer’s insurance is in place to protect your employer. If a claim is made against you, your employer’s insurance may not be enough to protect you.

Even if claims made against you are unfounded, the cost of a lawsuit can be very costly.

Malpractice Insurance provides you with a team of experts who work to protect your license and your livelihood, while you focus on your work with your clients.

Choosing Malpractice Insurance

Since 1962, The Bill Beatty Insurance Agency has been helping professionals find insurance coverage that fits their needs and their budgets.

Our experienced staff will be glad to answer your questions and give you more information about Art Therapist Malpractice Insurance, Music Therapist Malpractice Insurance and Dance Therapist Malpractice Insurance.